Monday, 6 December 2010


       Kızılbag Primary School is a village school,35km from the city centre. From different villages and Kızılbag, there are about 240 pupils. In primary school,there are 8 grades. The classes are from 8-40 to 14.20.
At 4-8,pupils  have English class.
Our school doesn’t have enough technological devices,but we,all, deal with being better.
Thanks to many diffferent fruit tress(cherry,peach,pear,kiwi,grapes,walnut…) and forest trees, our school and around are very rich and coherence with the Project “IYF”. However, because of winter,we haven’t any cherry,peach trees… fotos at the momentJ
       We, teachers live in city centre,Mersin not in Kızılbag. Every day we go to school with special cars or village buses. The good thing is travelling along road with forest. Kızılbag and its road are really rich with different styles of trees. Whenever you would like to visit, We will be gladJJJ

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