Monday, 13 December 2010


"Catedral verde e sussurrante, aonde
a luz se ameiga e se esconde
e aonde ecoando a cantar
se alonga e se prolonga a longa voz do mar,
ditoso o Lavrador que a seu contento
por suas mãos semeou este jardim;
ditoso o Poeta que lançou ao vento
esta canção sem fim…

Ai flores, ao flores do Pinhal florido,
que vedes no mar?
Ai flores, ai flores do Pinhal florido,
Rei Dom Dinis, bom poeta e mau marido,
lá vem as velidas bailar e cantar."

Afonso Lopes Vieira is the author of this nice poetry referring our selected forest.
(on comments you can read a translation)

"Pinhal de Leiria" means "Leiria's Pine wood". As the poet says it is close to the Sea, on a very pretty place! On next months we will show some more about our land and our forest.

By now we leave you with a sunset view (S. Pedro's beach) over Atlantic Ocean!…


  1. "Green and whispering cathedral, where
    the light fondles and hides
    and where echoing its singing
    it lengthens and prolongs the long voice of the sea,
    fortunate the Farmer that on his satisfaction
    by his hands planted this garden;
    fortunate the Poet that threw to wind
    this endless song...

    Oh flowers, oh flowers of the blossomy Pine-wood
    what do you see on the sea?
    Oh flowers, oh flowers of the blossomy Pine-wood
    King "D. Dinis", good poet and bad husband
    there comes the beauty dancing and singing."

  2. IES AS TELLEIRAS.14 December 2010 at 10:59

    Fermoso poema. Gostame moito a idea da Catedral verde.
    Da unha idea do pinheiral perto do mar

    Obrigado dende Galicia.
    Alumnos e alumnas de 4º ESO Telleiras

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  4. The poem is very nice indeed!
    When the author refers "the Farmer... the Poet" he means the King D. Dinis who was responsable for this Pine-wood building.
    It has been very important for these lands during the last 700 years!!!

  5. I profit to thank to my colleague Teresa Pereira who helped me with the translation!
    Without it you wouldn't understand the poem so well!