Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Puszcza Kampinoska - KAMPINOS FOREST

Fot.  R.M.Kosińscy

Kampinos Forest  

is a large forest complex located to the west of Warsaw in Poland. It covers a large part of the ancient valley of Vistula river. Once a gigantic forest covering 670 km² of central Poland, now it covers roughly 240 km².

Most of the Kampinos Forest is the Kampinos National Park. Among the distinctive features of the area is a combination of sandy dunes and marshes, with dense pine and spruce forest. In January 2000 the area was added to UNESCO's List of Biosphere Reserves.



  1. Funny how it seems to feel, after sometime looking at it I felt peaceful instead with the nature.

  2. Hello;I like your presentation,especially the first forest..very nice