Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Protected areas –Bistrita Rodna Mountains

With a surface of 47,000 ha, Rodna Mountains National Park includes the highest peaks of Eastern Carpathians (Pietrosu Mare Peak, 2303 m) and one of the oldest natural reservations in our country (Pietrosu Mare, 1932), known as Biosphere Reservation. The importance of this National Park is due both to the geology of the massif and to the diversity of flora and fauna species, some of them very rare and others found only on this massif.

The forest ecosystems have a very high dendrochronological potential, the building of dendrochronological series for the main forest, by ecological areas, being a premise of a better knowledge on the dynamics of environment factors and implicitly of the complex biological system, the forests. Tree growing in an area with seasonal variations of climate (winter-summer alternation or the humid season-dry season) is characterized by a single growth per vegetation period, namely the growth ring. The growth ring varies from one year to another (in the case of annual variation of the climate ) or from one vegetation period (season) to another ( in the case when the seasonal variation of climate is longer or shorter than a year, as far as both its width and its structure and density of wood are concerned. The annual tree ring constituted an archive a real database, regarding the secular and multi-secular variation of the environment factors at both global and mezzo-and micro scale levels .

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