Saturday, 20 November 2010

ZSO Nr 1 STO - Warsaw - Poland

Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących Nr 1
Społecznego Towarzystwa Oświatowego

Our school was founded in June 1989 on the initiative of the parents living in Ursynów district and it was one of the very first such schools in Poland. The development of our school shows how much it is needed here. We still rent the buildings but at the very beginning, we only had one classroom for 16 students. At the moment there are 20 classes with 310 students: 13 classes at our primary school and 7 at our 3-year secondary school.

The school is run by Samodzielne Koło Terenowe Nr 21 Społecznego Towarzystwa Oświatowego - STO (the Local Board of the Civic Educational Association number 21) and is one of the biggest.

The members of the Association are: the parents of our present and former students, our teachers and our former students. The Civic Educational Association is an all-Poland association, for all those who are concerned about the condition of the Polish educational system and those who are interested in creating new, alternative, educational forms. The STO schools educate in a creative way, encourage the students to broaden their minds and develop their personalities.

Our school is named after Jan Nowak Jeziorański (1913 - 2004). He was a great Polish patriot living abroad, one of the founders of Radio Free Europe. He spoke on behalf of the Poles and other nations submitted to the Soviet Union who could not freely express their own opinions.

Welcome to our school!
At the moment it has autumnal decorations made by pupils

Warm greetings from Warsaw

Serdeczne pozdrowienia z Warszawy
Anna T


  1. Nice to hear from you in Poland!
    I am glad to know that you pay homage to a freedom defensor, such an important value to transmite to our pupils!

  2. have got very nice school..nice to meet you and your school:)

  3. nice school:)