Saturday, 27 November 2010

hello from Turkey-Dikili

Our school history... The school was opened on 12 Sept 2002 and consists of one main building with two floors. Both floors have eight classrooms, a computer classroom and a science laboratory. We also have a library. Currently, there are 17 people on staff. 15 teachers and two adminıstrative personnel.

We are located in the seaside town of Dikili, İzmir. In this region there is much plant diversity. We have just as much plant diversity here in Turkey as there is throughout most of Europe, but we also have quıte a few endemic species of our own. Our school garden has a total of 120 trees. 95 of which, are olive trees. 

Our student enrollment is as follows:
10 students in the 4-5 year age group.
120 students in the 6-11 year age group.
132 students in the 12-15 year age group.


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  3. How extraordinary it is to have a school surrounded by olive trees... no words :)

  4. thanks Anna,it's very nice,realy...we lucky because my town have got alot of olive tree and another ...Best wishes...

  5. I appreciate a lot that you're visiting and posting comments!
    Nice schools are being shown here!
    Thanks a lot to everyone