Sunday, 28 November 2010


Yakacık Doğa Campus is the second biggest campus in doğa schools. In 2008-2009 school term, the campus begin to act for education ,this new Doğa campus has capacity for 4000 students .Furthermore the campus has many facilities such as swimmingpool,tenis courts,auditorium,opened and closed sports areas,green areas with cafes. The school consist of two base parts; educational and social;there are 3 buildings with 150classes in total . Kindergarten,primary and high school are educational areas.

Our campus has 25,000m2 closed , 22,000m2 opened area that contains a half olympic swimming pool and a pool for kindergarten kids.In addition the campus has 800 seated dining hall. The sc
hool represents ‘natural concept education system’ in high performance and this activity based education presents all the opportunities for socialializing and the devolopment of children.
Our school really gives importance to nature and do lots of things to preserve environment. We're glad to take part in this project.I hope that we will make a good job together.
If you need more information about my school,visit our website please.


  1. I am amazed!
    What can I do to join your school! It's realy very nice!
    Who is the owner? Is it a public school?
    I guess I'll move to Istambul :-)

  2. I am impressed! I am sure that students are very happy in your school :)

  3. I'm glad to hear such things from my partners.It is a private school and the chairman of Doga Schools is Fethi Şimşek.We believe that only happy students can learn well,so our students have all the opportunities for happiness at their school.

  4. I agree with my friend. In Doga Schools the students are really lucky enough to manage all the hard things and tackle with the life. They learn so much thing with these opportunities.

    Bostancı Doga School
    Istanbul / TURKEY

  5. nice school