Friday, 6 May 2011

The information about Sığla Forest-Dalaman

The Sığla (Sweet Gum Trees) ForestsWhen we search aboutthe history of  Sığla there are some important news that we would like to share with you…The most interestinf info is that 'Sığla oil is  Cleopatra’s love potion  and Hipocrat’s medicine..'

Sığla tree  comes up rarely in Muğla and Its enviroment.and Also you can meet Sığla forests in Rodos and China too.
The oil and resin of Sığla are indispensable raw material fort he Cosmetics.The Sığla oil has been used in parfume cosmetic for many many years.İn addition to cosmetic,It is also used as a medicine in all over the world.It is very good antiseptic and an effective solution for the parasites.After the improvement  in perfume and cosmetic in 19th century,Sığla oil had a more important place in the raw materials of cosmetic.Today in Turkey all of the Sığla forests are under the protection of Goverment.The enviromental groups know how It is important to save trees and they organize different campains for growing more trees and protect the forests.As students try to grow Sığla trees and the people plant Sığla If they would like to plant a tree.Altough Dalaman is very famous with its natural fine and gumtrees,Sığla has an important place for the people.When We look trough the Dalaman,It is possible to see thick natural forests BUT It is very different to see the Sığla trees with its beautiful leaves.It is pğossible for you to feel teh smelling of the tress wh,ile walking in the forests.

Why is the Sığla oil used in parfume?

Sığla oil has a different smell and at first It is used for its natural aromatic smell.the second reason maybe It is the most important one is the oil is used in pefumes to fix the smell of the perfumes and avoid the disapper of the perfume in short time.It is like a fixer.In this way It is possible to have a perfume which smells for days and weeks.

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