Sunday, 30 January 2011

Localization The Rodna Mountains National Park Romania

The Rodna Mountains are in the region of Maramureş, in northern Romania.To the north lie the city of Borşa and the village Moisei. To the west the massif ends at the Setref-pass (817 m); to the east, the limits are the Prislop Pass (1,416 m) and the Rotunda Pass (1,271 m); to the south lie the villages of Rodna Veche, Şanţ, Maieru and Anieş, as well as the Someşul Mare Riverhaving its source in the Rodna Mountains.

Location 47°40'N; 23°00'E

Area (hectares) 46,399

Core area(s) 8,200

Buffer zone(s) 11,800

Transition area(s) when given 24,000

Altitude (metres above sea level) +900 to +2,303


  1. Hello;I love your pictures..especialy the pink flowers..we have in Turkey too...

  2. Hi there, I”ve been last year on Rodna and had the time of my life. It is indeed a place I would also reccommend with pleasure.
    All the best, Raluca